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Page 04               SCEC                  For Engineering Consultancy

         Because success comes from

         working together.

         For nearly 25 years, Sulaimani Center for Engineering Consultancy (SCEC) has been successfully realising challenging construction projects in
         Sulaimani and the rest of Iraqi cities. With a large number of construction projects in several sectors, SCEC is number one in building construction
         and civil engineering in Iraq. SCEC, a member of Engineering Union, owes its success to the creativity, hard work and dedication of its employees.
         Working together as a large, perfectly coordinated team, they realise even complex construction projects on schedule and at the best price.

         Our range of services includes all construction-related tasks – from complex turnkey construction to civil engineering, border design, military base
         design, airport design, to residential and commercial construction and design.

         Throughout the years, SCEC has created a strong and reliable relationship with local and international companies and factories to provide the
         best possible solution to its clients. SCEC is known for creating multidisciplinary team of different background and different nationalities to create
         the cheapest and best option for the project.

         In the realisation of its construction projects, SCEC places great importance on the digitalisation of construction processes and on partner-
         ship-based working relationships. Our team works with the client from start to finish to make sure our team has the required information it needs
         to create a design and the client has all the information to make the right decision.

         We believe in the strength of the team. And that what makes the difference when it comes to making amazing things possible.
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