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Page 08               SCEC                 For Engineering Consultancy

                                                          SCEC services

         WHAT WE PROVIDE                                  We work with our clients to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection,

                                                          but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive world where every day counts.
         Technical support of the operating entities:     Our approach is to achieve the best balance of quality, cost, function, efficiency, maintainability and
         • Architectural design                           project delivery.
         • Concrete and steel design                      Project Management and Construction

         • Construction design                            SCEC manages the various phases of the project depending upon the project requirements. We
         • Turnkey services                               establish the procedure for the appointment of an consultant to carry out the plans. We take on the
         • Build to order services                        overall management of the construction of projects replacing the need for a main contractor by

         • Acquisition                                    eliminating risks and cost.
         • Tendering
         • Design management                              Design and Implementation of Projects
         • Expert site management                         We provide a complete design sets to our client based on their needs and requirements. We highly
         • Implementation and development of BIM
                                                          consider the local and international standards to provide a complete and efficient design sets. Our
                                                          work is constantly studied by skilled engineers and consultants to achieve optimum value by evalu-
                                                          ating design options, analyzing all aspects of the design including systems and materials to make
                                                          it more efficient and less costly.

                                                            iPLUS TV Station BIM Model. Our team, from the start of the project till the end
                                                            have created several sets of models with Autodesk and Vectorwork programs
                                                            to facilitate the building process and provide an up-to-date model to the client.
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