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                                                                                                • 1994 Sulaimani Center was established by its founder Soran
                                                                                                B. Taufiq.

                                                                                                • 1996 - 2000 SCEC participated, designed, and constructed
                                                                                                more than 50 High Schools for international organizations.

                                                                                                • 2005 SCEC designed and constructed Ashaba Spi Parking
                                                                                                and Shopping Center in the center of Sulaimani Bazaar. The
                                                                                                building is now considered one of the center points in Sulaima-


                                                                                                •  2010  SCEC  designed  and  constructed  Zhyan  Hospital  in
                                                                                                Sulaimani, Mawlawy Street.

                                                                                                • 2013 SCEC designed and constructed Parwezxan border
                                                                                                crossing near Ranya.

                                                                                                • 2016 SCEC invests in smart housing by creating the first
                                                                                                SISMO building material and use it in its projects

                                                                                                • 2018 SCEC starts the design and construction for the new
                                                                                                Bashmax’s Quality control building in Penjwing for the KRG.

          Dar Al-Salam Mosque in Sulaimani. The mosque is one
          of the oldest establishment in Sulaimani. SCEC took the                               •  2019  SCEC  was  fortunate  to  win  the  tender  for  building
          task of redesigning and requisitioning the mosque
                                                                                                Sulaimani’s biggest TV Station
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