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Page 09               SCEC                 For Engineering Consultancy

         Custom turnkey solutions

         Turnkey  governmental  buildings,  residential  develop-                                                         1

         ments or industrial facilities – complex and challenging
         construction  projects  require  extraordinary  compe-
         tence.  With  our  team,  we  are  your  expert  partner  to
         implement your project according to your wishes and

         needs. We design in a realistic and cost-efficient way to
         make your vision come true – be it a new development                 2
         or the reconstruction.

         With governmental buildings, airports, border  crossing,
         hospitals, shopping centres and commercial properties
         from  office  buildings  to  logistics  centres,  our  service
         portfolio comprises all types of buildings imaginable.  All

         our service departments offer expert support on issues
         such as design or work planning. With efficient logistics                                                                                             3
         and engineering power, we provide for the on-schedule
         and top-quality execution of your custom project.

          1- SCEC staff installing insulation for iPLUS TV Station
          2- SCEC Electrical team providing maintenance and training to the client
          3- Our team constructing a multi-story building and shopping mall in Salim
          Street. The construction is divided into two sections for safety reasons
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