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Page 06               SCEC                 For Engineering Consultancy

           A look in the history books

           The founding father

           Soran B. Taufiq is an architectural engineers who established SCEC in 1994. Prior to the centre’s establishment, Soran B. Taufiq worked as a
           freelancer in Baghdad, building houses and villas. Graduating in Baghdad Architectural University in 1988, Soran B. Taufiq’s ambition was to
           create a team of engineers in different fields in order to make a change. Soon after SCEC’s establishment, SCEC welcomed more than 25 engi-
           neers  in architectural, civil, mechanical, and electrical to work on its various projects. Throughout the years, SCEC became a welcoming home

           to different fields in engineering by providing challenging and interesting projects. Now Soran B. Taufiq is a consultant architect and has MBA
           degree at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani

           The company

           Since 1994, we have been building on this pioneering role in construction under the name Sulaimani Center. A solid number of contracts with
           numerous building construction and large-scale private projects helped us through Iraq’s unstable economy and conflicts. In 2018, Sulaimani
           Center was re-branded under the name Sulaimani Center for Engineering Consultancy or now formally known as SCEC.

           SCEC is a construction company that delivers high quality, reliable construction services for governmental, commercial and residential establish-
           ments. Our staff have over 25 years of collective experience offering the highest standards for safety, quality, and integrity. Dedicated to excel-

           lence, we utilise innovative building contraction, maintenance and renovation skills to change and improve the way Projects are designed, man-
           aged and build.
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